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Monthly Archives: January 2012

I love my job ……


….. I really do love my job…but I am learning a new aspect of it and it is overwhelming! Hence the reason I have not kept up with my little photo diary. These papers are what I have to learn and I have a test today. Not to mention my college work that I also have to learn. That will be a photo for another day. 

As for now, I must refill that coffee cup you see and finish up so I can get to work!


Day 6

So I am not being very consistent so far….missed 2 days in pictures and not keeping up with my running.  But I’m ok with that…just leaves room for improvement! 

My pic today is my college progress. I am over 75% done!!! This is major considering I’ve been at this for too long. I’ve been taking 3 classes each semester and if I continue I’ll be totally done by may 2013. If I push and take summer classes …fall of 2012! We’ll see!!


Day 3

I didn’t realize you could get a major brain freeze from running for 45 minutes in 35 degree weather. But it does make perfect sense when you think about it!

This is me recovering…..ouch.


2012 – day 2


This would be my mr. wonderful. We took the kids bowling and in my eyes, at least,  had a blast! Family stuff is what I hope to continue in 2012.  We can’t afford to “do stuff” all the time but hopefully we can spend meaningful time together …..without being stressed over life!

2012 in pictures – day 1


Tiger never comes to see anyone and we had our parents over for dinner and he came right over to my mother-in-law for some attention.

For 2012 I’m going to take a picture a day, kind of a photo diary. This is day 1.

I usually don’t have resolutions but I’m going to try some this year.

1. Be a better wife.
2. Be a better mom.
3. Run 5 days a week.
4. Leave the past in the past. Focus on the present and future only.

We’ll see how well this works!

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