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Life keeps getting so complicated. 

My stepson hates me and professes it to everyone on facebook.  (I have since denounced facebook.  I believe it is the root of all evil at this point.)  His mother is a wreck, going through a divorce and trying to take the kids to another school district.  She forgets there’s another parent in this situation who has a say so.  This just leads to more lawyer fees and court dates.

My children’s father wants them to go to Texas to visit him for the summer but refuses to talk to me about it.  So he just tells the kids about it.  Ummm, they can’t go anywhere without my permission and their first plane trip will not be alone to Texas.   And did I mention, he owes over $11,000 in child support?

My mother-in-law is in a hospital in South Carolina unable to speak or care for herself and needs to go to a nursing home soon.

I really did not start a blog to be negative.  But it seems that’s a lot of what I am.

I’m going to try to be positive.

I just finished another college semester with a 4.0 grade average!!

I love my job as a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s office!!  I’m almost done with my training.  Two more weeks and I’ll be on my own!

I love my husband!  I have been mean and just plain nasty to him because of everything going on, but he loves me anyway.     And he takes care of my 2 children because their father won’t.

My kids are healthy and for the most part, happy.  I do have one teenager.  That equals moody ridiculousness at times, but mostly happy.

I was told once that without all the negatives and “issues” that make life so hard, there would be no life.  I suppose that’s true.  I just wish the tables could turn and the negatives could be so much less than the positives.


I love my job ……


….. I really do love my job…but I am learning a new aspect of it and it is overwhelming! Hence the reason I have not kept up with my little photo diary. These papers are what I have to learn and I have a test today. Not to mention my college work that I also have to learn. That will be a photo for another day. 

As for now, I must refill that coffee cup you see and finish up so I can get to work!

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